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Guide For Maintaining And Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinet

Every woman in her home kitchen plays an important role. But you find most of them find it challenging and difficult to clean and maintain their kitchen. A home that has award-winning kitchen cabinets gives much space to work and store things, maintaining a kitchen will not only increase the life of cabinets, appliances, walls and covering, etc. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that the kitchen remains well polished for an extended period of time.

The following are some points that will act as a guide to maintain and clean your kitchen cabinet:

· Basic Cleaning

The kitchen is used daily in our homes; therefore grime build-up and grease can damage cabinets and deplete the overall look and feel of a new kitchen. To remove and clean the buildup, the best advice is to clean it with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and wipe out the buildup. You can do it every two weeks or so. The cleaning depends upon the activities that are taking place in your kitchen. If you feel like alone water is not enough to clean the grease and grime buildup, then you can try adding dishwashing soap in the water. However, if routine cleaning does not satisfy, you can make a paste using baking soda with water. Place the paste on the area having stains and wipe it till they are gone.

· Wipe off the spills immediately

There are many substances that become hard to remove and may stain or even may cause damage if it stays for a long time. Whenever a spill occurs, wipe the surface immediately with a sponge or a soft cloth. Carelessness in cleaning the spills will later become hard for you to remove, it may sting as well.

· Avoid moisture as soon as possible

Water and moisture are the worst rivalries of wooden furniture. Cabinet and covers near dishwashers sink and taps may lose their polish due to excessive moisture and water usage near them. Do not place damp clothes and wet items over doors.

· See that there are no temperature and humidity extremes

An increase or extreme humidity and temperature may cause the wood to contract and expand. It can swell up and will ultimately lead to damaging the kitchen cabinet and its polish.

· Avoid using a harsh cleaner on a regular basis

Using harsh cleaners on your kitchen cabinet can damage its finish. Cleaners like bleach, ammonia, citric acid, etc. can be harmful to the polish of the wood.

Well, that’s all on how you can maintain and clean your kitchen cabinet. There are many award-winning kitchen cabinets ideas that can increase the look of your kitchen. But do not forget to clean and maintain it on a regular basis.

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